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Spazio Dining Table With Wood Top

  • Available in 4 sizes:

     36" x 48, 36" x 60", 36" x 72", or 40" x 84", all 30" H


    The Spazio Dining Table is simple and elegant, gaining it's beauty from its details - note the legs are flush with the apron on the short side, creating a seamless flow, while the apron is set back on the long side - acentuating how the top "floats" over the base.  The sturdy metal base is available in over 20 standard and premium finishes.  The table top is made from solid oak and available in 9 finishes.  This vast selection of finishes means your own combination will truly be unique.


    This table is available in 4 sizes and is custom made for you in 6 weeks in North America.


    Due to the custom nature and multitude of finish choices, we can't include this table in E-commerce.  Please call us or come by our showroom so we can assist you in finding the perfect size and coloration for your unique space.

  • We want you to be happy with your purchase.  We can save you time and money by assisting you in choosing the right piece before you place your order.


    Once ordered, you have three business days from the time you place your order to reconsider and cancel the order.  After that, you can cancel your order with a 50% restocking fee up to the day before delivery.  No refunds or returns will be accepted after delivery on custom ordered furniture.

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