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1 to 1 ultimate custom upholstery

Our 1 to 1 custom upholstery collection is named for the 1 to 1 relationship between us and you - who help you design your own unique piece - and the 1 to 1 relationship between you and the person who makes your bench-made furniture.  The collection consists of 29 pieces - ottoman, chair, loveseat, three sizes of sofa and 22 modular sectional pieces - all built off the same frame.  So if you've sat in one piece in this collection, you've sat in them all.   By using one basic frame, we can give you a multitude of options at an affordable price.  Your customization starts with the arm choice; there are seven styles, each named after a day of the week to make it easy.  We've laid out the seven styles below.  Once you've decided on an arm, you can choose a tall 7" wood leg in one of three finishes, a tall 7" metal leg in one of 2 finishes, or a short 2" wood leg in one of three finishes - or even a swivel base on the chair.  There's finishing touches such as welting offered, and of course there's over 300 fabrics to choose from.  So scroll down the seven arm style choices below and click on any that interest you... and we'll show you the possibilities that come from a one to one relationship.

one to one

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