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Leo Pull-Up Table

  • Pull-up tables are tables that have legs only on one side - so they can literally be pulled up and over a sofa of bed.   What makes the Leo special is the variety of materials, shapes, and heights you can have yours made in...


    Starting with the shape, the Leo comes in either square or rectangle.  Both shapes have curved corners and a slight curve to the sides.


    Next comes height - Leo is available in three heights.  The short height is perfect for next to a low chair or nested with the tall height.  The middle height is perfect for going over a sofa or any standard height upholstery seat.  And the tall height is perfect for going bedside and replacing an unweildly tray.


    Then base is made of sturdy metal.  This insures stability, and makes the bottom plate able to be very thin.. so you know it will slide under even the smallest spaces under your sofa or bedframe.  And with over 20 finishes for the metal base, you can choose to contrast it or blend it with the top.


    Which brings us to the top!  The top can come in solid oak (in one of 9 finish choices), solid birch (in one of 10 finish choices), metal (with over 20 finish choices), or porcelain that is the perfect replica of stone (in a choice of 2 styles) without the upkeep of stone.


    Yes, if you've been keeping track, theres actually thousands of different ways you could create a table that's truly yours.  But don't be overwelmed, we're here to help you quickly narrow them down to just what you want.


    Diminsions and samples of the finishes available are in the photos.


    Made to order by hand in Quebec, these custom tables take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete for you.


    Due to the custom nature and multitude of finish choices, we can't include this table in E-commerce.  Please call us or come by our showroom so we can assist you in finding the perfect size and materials for your unique space.

  • We want you to be happy with your purchase.  We can save you time and money by assisting you in choosing the right piece before you place your order.


    Once ordered, you have three business days from the time you place your order to reconsider and cancel the order.  After that, you can cancel your order with a 50% restocking fee up to the day before delivery.  No refunds or returns will be accepted after delivery on custom ordered furniture.

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