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White Hydrangea

  • Description

    The Fantasy Flowers collection isn't your normal "fake flower".  We like to think of them as an artists three dimensional interpretation of flowers.  You can sometimes see the artists inspiration and sometimes its pure imagination.  These totally unique botanicals are made from a specially created foam on paper material that gives them a beautifully soft matte finish.  The larger petals all come with a wire inside, so you can easily curl them up like a bud, or open them as if in full bloom.


    This single stem is one of the most literal florals in the collection... it's unmistakably a hydrangea.  With big generous leaves and a full 6" head, this ones a focal point in any vase.  


    27" tall by up to 14" wide with the leaves fully extended.

  • We want you to be happy with your purchase.  We can save you time and money by assisting you in choosing the right piece before you place your order.


    Fantasy Flowers may be returned within 14 days of instore purchase or delivery date from an online order.  Please see our Returns and Refunds page under FAQ's for our complete return and refund policy.

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