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REED DIFFUSERS are the perfect way to fragrance your home 24 hours a day, without the safety concerns of a burning candle. Because reed diffusers haven't been around as long as candles, we get questions about using them all the time... so here's a few tips on how to use your reed diffuser for maximum benefit:


TIPS FOR USE:  Some companies put the fragrance oil in a separate bottle, and some put it in the container for you.  If not already filled, pour the contents of the fill bottle into the diffuser container.  Don't feel you have to fill the container all the way.  Immerse the reeds into the diffuser starting with half of the reeds for smaller spaces and adding more reeds if needed to achieve desired strength.  Reverse reeds after initial absorption if you desire a stronger fragrance.  Gently flip the reeds (slowly so as not to fling the oil off) once every couple of weeks to refresh.

ECO TIPS:  When the fragrance oils are completely evaporated, rinse your hand blown vessel thoroughly with hot soapy water and keep for use as a vase, objet d'art or taper candle holder.

SAFETY TIPS:  Fragrance oils: keep away from open flame.  Do not ingest.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Avoid fragrance oil contact with delicate or finished wood surfaces and fabrics.

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